Sunday, April 19, 2009

Make your own toys with ComposiMold

Mold making is a fun way to make my own toys. My two year old daughter is now bringing me things and saying "daddy, mold this."

The peace signs were made for a lady that works at a restaurant where I frequently have lunch. She really wanted a tie-die peace sign. This is a really easy mold shape after you get the shape. I carved the reversed shape in wood and then sanded it. I painted the reverse peace sign to seal the wood. I then sprayed it with a mold release. To complete the mold, I poured melted ComposiMold into the wood. After solidifying, the ComposiMold mold was pulled away from the wood and I made lots of peace signs. I used a clear polyurethane resin with oil paints to make the different colors. From this simple ComposiMold mold, I have made about 40 peace signs. The lady at the restaurant loves it.

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