Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Use Epoxy for Mold Making and Casting

Epoxy is a plastic casting material. It begins as a liquid but becomes hard over time by curing.
Typically epoxy is a two parts mixture: Part one is the resin and Part two is the hardener. Epoxy works excellent as a casting material, and it  is also used for composite structures such as aircraft, surf boards, fishing lures, and some building work.

The advantages of epoxy include strength and ease of use. Most epoxy casting material for home or small scale use cure at room temperature and most epoxies are simple equal part mixtures by weight or volume, and unlike urethanes, most epoxies work very well as a casting material when small amounts of water is present.

To start casting with epoxy, the first step is to make a mold. There are a variety of mold making materials available on the market including silicone, latex, and wax based products, and if you are new to mold making and casting, using a reusable mold making material will enable experimentation and reduce costs and frustrations.

Because epoxies are versatile, a variety of mold release material can be used to ensure that the epoxy cast does not stick to the mold. Vegetable oil, mineral oil, or soap work effectively for small scale
productions, but for larger scale productions or composite work, mold releases made specifically for epoxy are recommended.

Mix the two parts of epoxy together completely by stirring. After mixing thoroughly, pour the epoxy mixture into the mold and let stand until solidified.

Filler materials are used with epoxy to give the cast a different appearance and properties. To make a stronger cast, glass fiber fillers of up to a quarter inch long are used. To give the mold a unique appearance or to take up space, talcum powder, wood sawdust, sand, or many other materials are used.

Epoxy is a versatile casting material that will enable you to create your own unique products and castings from your molds. To learn more about mold making and casting with epoxy, visit

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