Thursday, December 30, 2010

New ComposiMold Starter Kit Video 15 casts, 9 molds All with 1 ComposiMold

It is hard to show 15 casts and 9 molds in a single video. All molds and casts were made using the same 1 pound of reusable mold making material!

This video is a quick overview of the ComposiMold Plaster Starter Kit where we show the reusable mold making material being used to make an assortment of molds and castings such as an ice cream, a girl figurine, a dolls head, etc.. In later installments, we will try to expand out some of the specific castings into videos of their own so you can see the process in more detail.

Hopefully you get the idea: ComposiMold can be reused and reused and... It’s a great way to learn mold making without worrying about wasting materials.

Thanks for watching!

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