Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Buzz about Chocolate Alphabets Cast in ComposiMold Molds

We needed a quick advertisement item for a gathering of several hundred people. Someone suggested chocolates, but not just any chocolates. Alphabet Chocolates. A through Z. White, yellow, and milk chocolate. So we started the mold making and chocolate casting.

Step 1. Do not make chocolate castings when you are hungry. You will eat too much of the chocolate.

Step 2. Find your shapes. In this case alphabet magnets. They floated in the ComposiMold so we used a touch of polymer clay to hold the shapes down.

Step 3. Melt the ComposiMold. We used 2, 32 ounce containers of ComposiMold for these molds and we had some left over. When we are finished we will melt all of it down again and reuse it for the next time we want to cast chocolates. It took approximately 8 minutes to melt each 32 oz container (times will vary depending on your microwave and elavation).

Step 4. Let the ComposiMold cool and pull out the shapes. This took a couple of hours. We could have cooled it faster in the refrigerator, but we used the time to make some labels. Place the mold orifices facing upward.

Step 5. Melt the chocolate. We melted the chocolates on low heat over the stove. Always stir.

Step 6. Pour the chocolate into the mold shapes and cool. We put them in the refrigerator.

Step 7. Make more.

Looks great and the shapes can be truly unique. And the best part of it is, next time, we can make other shapes with the same ComposiMold!


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