Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to the drawing board…

It’s important to remember that art making is a process. However exciting it is to hold a finished product in your hand the magic lies in the trial and error of the “making”.

Following are three examples of some of the errors in my art making process.

Fastening your master to the bottom of your mold box is a very important step. In the photo above of the floating seashell you can see why. I’ve found that a few dabs of hot glue work great. You can easily pluck them off your master when you are done using it to create your mold.

Any 4th grade chemistry student will tell you that water based liquids don’t mix well with polyurethane resin, but I had to try. So learn from my mistake and don’t put food coloring into your ComposiCast.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose a mold box that is flexible. This makes it possible for you to remove your mold once it cools. The photo above is a perfect example of a mold box made of a material that is NOT You’re welcome.

Remember art making is about the process, the experimenting, and the trial and error of it all. And ComposiMold is perfect for this kind of thinking because the worst you’ll ever have to do is REMELT.


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