Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tim and Trish Use ComposiMold to Make Custom Plaques

One thing is for sure...We have the best customers! 

They contact us all the time to ask questions about their unique projects and email us the finished results all the time. We get to see just how varied the uses really are of our awesome product!

Tim and Trish are a husband and wife team from Florida who started with custom plaster plaques made to look like carved wood. The plaques have hilarious messages "carved" into them each appealing to a different crowd. 

In the pictures below we'll show you their first trial using ComposiMold which took place over just a few days. From placing their order to casting their finished piece took only 3 days!

This is a photo of the original part. It's a concrete casting of a wood plaque with a great message.

Tim said he used 3 of the 32oz containers to make this mold.

The mold is cooling and solidifying.

The mold is removed from the aluminum foil mold box.

The plaster is poured and given sufficient hardening time.

The original is on the left and the duplicate cast is on the right. The cast picked up the detail of the wood grain perfectly and the whole process took less than 6 hours!

Thanks Tim and Trish for the great photos of your project! Keep them coming. We can't wait to see what other kinds of molds you make with your ComposiMold. 

~Michelle and the ComposiMold Team

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