Monday, March 4, 2013

2 Part Mold with ComposiMold's PowerMold

In the video below you will see how we used ComposiMold's PowerMold, Reusable Mold Making Material, to make a two part mold of a dog figurine and how to cast it with urethane casting resin. Below the video you can also read the instructions and tips for successfully recreating this project.

  • The process begins by preparing your master for molding by sealing with a shellac or urethane spray if necessary. Spray with mold release and let the mold release dry if necessary. Then spray with Bubble Buster to reduce bubbles from adhering to your master.

  • Place your master in a mold box. If necessary, glue the part down with hot glue or use some polymer clay to hold it in place.

  • Melt the PowerMold. For this little amount of PowerMold, we melted it for 2 minutes, using 1 minute intervals (with a 700 watt microwave). Times will vary depending on where you are and the microwave you are using.

  • After pouring your PowerMold around your part to make the mold, let it cool to solidify.

  • Cut the mold with a knife, exacto knife, or razor blade. This cutting line will be your parting line so be careful and always cut away from you for safety.

  • Mix the two urethane parts together as directed. This urethane was mixed in equal parts by volume. The syringe helps get the urethane resin into the small openings of the feet.

  • Let the urethane cure. Time will vary depending on the type of urethane. For fast curing resins or larger castings, you may want to cool the PowerMold in the freezer first to reduce the exotherm and protect your mold.

  • When finished, admire your castings. PowerMold can be remelted to make new molds whenever you are ready.

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