Thursday, March 28, 2013

ComposiMold for Clay Push Molds

You can buy pre-made molds for clay push molds anywhere, but with ComposiMold you can make your own. Use an existing found object to create a mold or even sculpt your own master object and then make a mold of it. You'll be creating duplicates of your sculpture in no time for much less than the cost of buying a mold every time you want a new piece!

Push molds are a simple and effective way of making 3-D objects super fast and easy. For example, buttons can be pushed into a mold in seconds flat using most types of polymer clays or doughy casting materials.

ComposiMold PowerMold, 10 ounce

PowerMold: If you use the stiffer Sculpey or FIMO type clays, we recommend using the PowerMold Mold Making Material as it has more stiffness. PowerMold is perfect for this type of application.

The Key to Successful Push Mold Castings in a ComposiMold or PowerMold Mold:
The key to great push molds in a ComposiMold or PowerMold mold is to choose or create a master object that is fairly simple in shape. Be sure that your master object doesn't have any undercuts or holes in the shape. Think of a push mold as a negative space for you to press your casting material into picking up the details of the original shape.

Push Mold Push Mold

1. Experiment to learn whether a mold release is necessary for your particular casting material.

2. Soften your casting material per product instructions. Often this means working it in your hands until it has warmed slightly and becomes doughy in texture.

3. Apply Mold Release if you found that it helped your casting release from the mold.

4. Press your casting material into your mold. Be sure to press into the lowest points of the negative space first. This will ensure that the casting material picks up all the details of the mold.

5. Carefully remove your casting from the mold. This can be done by turning your mold upside down and letting it fall out. (You may have to slightly bend your mold away from the casting to release it.)

6. If your clay distorts when you pull it out of the mold, refrigerate the mold and clay. This will make the clay harder and firmer allowing you to pull it out of the mold more effectively with less distortion.

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