Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Custom Table Decorations for Weddings Using ComposiMold

Instead of buying generic decorations for the next wedding you help plan, use ComposiMold and make one-of-a-kind decorations that the special couple will love!

In this example, we used clay to make the initial circle bead. Then we pressed small letters, that we bought from the craft store, into the center of each of them. We also pressed a peace sign bead into one of the clay circles. Peace and love was the theme of this wedding. 

Remember, the package of letters we bought can be reused to mark different initials over and over again.

Proceed by applying Mold Release and Bubble Buster to the initialed clay pieces and then pour the melted ComposiMold over them to cover by at least 1/2".

Let the ComposiMold solidify back to its rubbery consistency and then remove the clay.

NOTE: ComposiMold-FC, Original, Flex, and Firm are all food contact safe, so if it's never been used with non-food items, you could cast these shapes in chocolate or fondant now. 

I will be using urethane resin to make the table decorations.

Mix your resin per instructions on the label and then fill the mold cavities with an appropriate Mold Release. I can then pour my urethane resin into my mold, let cure, remove, and paint.

Everyone loves handmade items. Wow all the guests at the wedding with this cool project. Choose the shape of clay you want, the image on the third clay "bead", and the color scheme to paint them. They can be used to wrap the linens around the silverware, as place holders, or fun giveaway on a string.

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