Friday, November 20, 2015

Can ComposiMold be used to cast silicone objects?

ComposiMold's frequently asked questions of the week. 

Can ComposiMold be used to cast silicone objects?

You can use many casting materials in the ComposiMold rubber molds including silicone.
First create your mold, then once you have your mold spray it with silicone mold release. Measure and mix your silicone according to the instructions given on the container or flyer (different types of silicone have different mix ratios). Then pour your silicone mixture into the mold and wait for it to solidify before removing

Here is a list of other casting materials that can be used with ComposiMold.
  • plaster or gypsum, concrete:Use as thick a mixture as possible to give stronger castings: Because ComposiMold is biodegradable, if the solution is too liquidy, you may damage the mold details.
  • plastics:look for urethane or epoxy resins that cure slowly to reduce the heat created during curing.
  • chocolate:works awesome: white chocolate, dark chocolate, tasty chocolate
  • candle wax, and soap! Freeze the ComposiMold first so that the wax or soap will cool faster than the ComposiMold can heat up.
  • Many others!

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