Friday, December 18, 2015

ComposiMold's frequently asked questions of the week.

Does ComposiMold Shrink?
How does it Compare to the shrinkage of other mold making materials?
ComposiMold is a hydrocolloid based mold material, which means that its shrinkage is affected by humidity and time. The shrinkage can be controlled by storing the mold in a sealed bag or a sealed container. If you store the mold in a tightly sealed container the mold shrinkage can be as low as .1%. If the mold is left out on a dry winter day the mold can shrink by 2% in 24 hours, and will shrink even more if left uncovered.
Rubber Mold
2 - 5%
Urethane molds
1.5 - 3.5 %
80-85% over a few days
80-85% over a few days
Homemade Silicone Molds Oogoo

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