Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to Make 3-D Art with Encaustic Wax Paint

See the latest example of 3-D art with ImPRESSive Putty:

An amazing artist uses 2,300 year old art methods to create three dimensional works of art.

The method was first developed by the Egyptians in 3rd century B.C. But Helene Farrar has added a contemporary twist, using modern materials.

The material is Encaustic paint. Part painting, part wax. Encaustic paintings are made from beeswax with pigments.

Helene Farrar has taking the encaustic paint and created relief sculptures that pop out of the page and combines this with her painting.

Instead of painting an image, she builds the image.

Using basic mold making methods and ImPRESSive Putty, she copies areas from sculptures and found objects for use in her paintings.

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