Thursday, January 26, 2017

ComposiMold is Your Tool for Duplicating Almost Anything

Mold making is a process that enables you to duplicate parts that are broken, add new parts in different materials, or just make more copies of an object, and ComposiMold re-usable mold making materials are the tools that allow you to duplicate what you want, when you want.

Like a tool, like a saw, like a router, or 3D printer; you don’t use it once and then throw it out. ComposiMold is there for you, now and tomorrow. Unlike other mold making materials that are used to make one mold, ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty can be used dozens…maybe 100’s of times. It is your mold making tool. Your duplicating tool.

In many instances instead of buying a new part, you can make a new part. In instances where you don't like a part or it breaks, you can make something new. If you want a new piece for your art, you can duplicate it.

Video of making a new part for a Powered Parachute

So for hardware, hobby, craft, arts, and prototypes for industry: The ComposiMold products are ready to help you make what you want, when you want. For fast molds, ImPRESSive Putty is ready: heat, press, and mold. So if you break a handle, need to fix your trim, or want to make a new Monopoly game board piece.

Stop thinking of mold making materials as a onetime use material. It’s not! Unlike silicone, unlike urethane, unlike alginate, ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty are re-usable molds. 

Video: Fixing a frame with ImPRESSive Putty

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