Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chess Pieces Molded with ComposiMold

Here we used ComposiMold to make molds of a chess set and make our own pieces. We used two different methods to make the molds. All the pieces except the castle shape were placed in a container and the ComposiMold was poured around it until they were covered. The Castle pieces floated (I don't know why they did while the other pieces didn't.) So we taped them to one of the stirring sticks and placed them upside down. We then filled around the castle pieces with the ComposiMold. Both methods worked well. We did not waste any mold making materials when we learned that the castle pieces floated. We just remelted and started that particular mold again.

It is important to remind you to use a mold release. Spray the original pieces before covering with the ComposiMold. Also use a mold release before you add the resin into the ComposiMold molds.

We will make a set of blue chess pieces next. Thanks for reading.

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