Friday, October 23, 2009

Nutty Jewelry to Mold and Cast with ComposiMold

Ok, that is an obnoxious title, but fun to say. Here is an example of some acorns that we molded. This was suggested by a friend during a mold making demonstration at Cerulean Fine Art. The first time we molded the acorn, we just dipped it into the ComposiMold. We ran into two difficulties: first the acorn floats. Second, the acorn has an air gap between the hat and the acorn part.

So we remelted the ComposiMold and fixed things up. We used polymer clay to fill the gap between the hat and the acorn. You can see the polymer clay in the original acorn above.

We held the acorns in the ComposiMold using two different methods. One method was to use a clip to hold the acorn down. The other method was to stick the acorn stem into a piece of polymer clay and have it upside down. Both methods worked very well.

After molding and cleaning up the casting slightly, we made a necklace from one of the acorns by drilling a hole through the stem.

This acorn was made with polyurethane resin, but we have also made the acorn from plaster and ultracal 30 (plaster concrete mixture).

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