Monday, November 23, 2009

Buddha Figurine From Plaster and ComposiMold

Here's a fun one.

Buddha on his pedestal.

This guy was made from Plaster of Paris. He's about 9 inches tall. Another cast was made using Hydrocal, a stronger version of Plaster.

The mold was made from ComposiMold. It was a two part mold. It was molded by first placing the original Buddha into a large bucket for a container. A mold release was sprayed over the original part. The ComposiMold was melted in a microwave and poured over the Buddha. A couple bubbles formed under his chin, so a toothpick was used to push them away from the Buddha.

After cooling (overnight because it was a pretty big mold), the mold was cut in half using a box cutter. The original figurine was removed. New mold release was put inside the mold halves. The mold halves were taped together.

Plaster of Paris was mixed and poured into the ComposiMold mold. After sitting for one day, he was removed from the ComposiMold mold. To clean, all the large particles were shaking out and then a small amount of cold water was run over the ComposiMold mold. The mold was ready for the next casting.

This part took about 50 ounces of ComposiMold and 1 pound of plaster. After a couple of Buddhas were cast, the ComposiMold was remelted for the next part to be cast.

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