Thursday, March 18, 2010

The anticipation of trying something new.

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame makes jokes about the feeling of happiness between coming up with the idea of something and the reality of something when it actually comes. Like this blog entry. I had this really neat idea in my head about the anticipation of trying a new casting material, but the idea of putting that into words has now been lost.

But the casting material turns out to be very good.  

So I guess I can only describe what I did and tell you that I think I may have found my favorite “concrete” for casting with ComposiMold. No I haven’t found world peace or even how to have less annoying pointy haired bosses. I just found a concrete that I like. It’s actually not a concrete, but it is called Grancrete.

It is very fine, almost a powder. I was told it is mixed with fly ash. It has some small fibers in it. The Grancrete sets in about 20 minutes at 60 F and is incredibly hard after an hour.

Here is a link to some examples and concrete tutorial for making parts with concrete, grancrete, and hydrocal. This link will also be placed in the tutorials on the ComposiMold website.

Thanks again


  1. Where did you buy the grancrete? Is it sold in building supply stores?


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