Friday, March 12, 2010

Making a Flower Relief Sculpture with ComposiMold

Here is a quick mold and casting that was made with ComposiMold and ComposiCast. If you will notice, the letters C M on the flower. The original flower did not have this. A mold and casting was first made of the original flower. Then polymer clay was placed over the part and the letters carved in with a pencil. This new part was molded and cast to make this part. The first mold was remelted to make the second mold. So to make the 2 molds, only about 10 ounces of ComposiMold was used.

Here is how the part was cast with urethane: A little clay was placed on the back of the flower part to keep it from floating in the ComposiMold.
The flower was placed into the container and pressed down so the clay holds the part down. Mold release was sprayed over the part.
ComposiMold mold making material was melted in the microwave for about 1 minute, stirred, and melted for another 45 seconds. This melted molding material was poured over the flower to make the mold. ComposiCast urethane casting material was used to make the mold after the mold solidified (approximately 1 hour at about 65 F).

Several flowers were cast with the urethane casting material (ComposiCast).

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