Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fixing a Music Microphone Holder with ComposiMold

This broken piece was used to hold a microphone to the microphone stand. You can see where it broke in the picture above. Looks like a job for ComposiMold. I held the two pieces together using glue.  Placed the part in a container, sprayed on a mold release, and poured on the ComposiMold. 

Unfortunately, it did not work that easy the first time. The part floated to the surface. So, I pulled the broken microphone holder piece out of the ComposiMold and remelted the ComposiMold. This time, I poured a little of the reusable mold making material onto the bottom of the container and placed the piece into the ComposiMold. I then let this portion cool and solidify. I poured more melted ComposiMold over the top. After letting the mold solidify by cooling, I removed the original part.  I added a touch more mold release to the mold just in case. 

ComposiCast urethane resin was poured into the mold cavity. In about an hour, I removed the part and cleaned it up a bit. I now had a new microphone holder made from ComposiCast in a ComposiMold mold.

Thanks and enjoy.

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