Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Candles made with ComposiMold Molds! A cool solution to a hot problem


It started with a question that we had received many times  before:Can I use ComposiMold for candles? We have always said no because the melting point of ComposiMold is lower than the melting point of candle wax.

We did not take into account the kinetics-how fast the wax cools!

By using a cold ComposiMold mold (placed in the freezer), the wax can be poured into the molds. Place the mold back in the freezer and you now have a way to make very unique candles.

How would you like to be able to make really unique birthday candles?

Of course if you poured the hot wax into the mold while the ComposiMold mold was still warm you would likely melt the ComposiMold, so keep it cold. Large molds may keep the wax from cooling quickly and may melt the ComposiMold if there is not enough ComposiMold.

As usual with ComposiMold, Experiment!
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