Friday, July 30, 2010

Soaps and Candle, The Possibilities Keep Expanding

ComposiMold Soap Casting of stones

ComposiMold Soap Casting of a duck
Now this is soapstone. The glycerin soap was melted and poured into a chilled ComposiMold mold. In minutes I had soap in the shape of stones. Soap was also used to make a soap duck that was molded in a ComposiMold mold.

Then there's the candle wax. We experimented with beeswax, beeswax with damar resin in it, and a lower cost candlewax. Shapes shown here are the duck and a cartoon hand (from a California grape toy). We will show others soon.

ComposiMold Candle Casting of a Cartoon hand

ComposiMold Candle Casting of a Duck

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