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Tips and Tricks for Custom Chocolate Mold Making

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Tips and Tricks for Custom Chocolate Mold Making

Chocolate Mold Making Material

So many chocolates molds and chocolates! How do you make truly unique chocolate molds that only you have?

Answer: Make your own custom molds for your chocolate candy making.

The methods discussed here provide ways to make your own molds from objects or other castings. These mold making methods will work for simple pour in molds and complicated 3D chocolate molds (Easter bunny-too easy!) Here are some simple ways of making your own customizable chocolate candy molds.

First, the Chocolate

There are hundreds of different types of chocolates. We can’t help you decide which one you want. You will have to do your own taste tests to see which one you like (I know you are thinking about the sacrifices we must do for our craft). For a good description of the different types of chocolate, check out


Most of the larger craft stores have chocolates that can be used for chocolate mold making (and the boring plastic molds that anyone can get). Even your grocery store has chocolates such as the chocolate chips and chocolate bars. This chocolate will work, but may require tempering to provide a shiny surface (A good source for more information on tempering is

Melting the chocolate

You can melt your chocolate for your molds either in a microwave or using a double boiler (sounds like ComposiMold). In the microwave, place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl (paper cups are nice) and heat it in 30 second interval. Stir after each interval. If you don’t stir it, it is difficult to see that it is melted because the chocolate does not change shape. Depending on the amount of chocolate you are melting, times will range from 30 seconds to several minutes. I don’t recommend doing more than what you can place in your chocolate molds in 5 minutes.
Using a double boiler is more work, but does melt the chocolate nicely. Heat the water to over 80 degrees F. Put the chocolate in the top container. Make sure that the chocolate does not hit the bottom of the bottom pan and do not mix chocolate and water. Water will ruin the chocolate.

I do not recommend placing the chocolate directly in a pan and turn on the stove because that will likely burn some of the chocolate and probably make a mess.

When the chocolate is melted, but before you put them in your molds is a good time to add any chunks of other foods such as nuts, M&Ms, or hard candies in your chocolate. Just stir the pieces into the melted chocolate.

Making your Customized Chocolate molds

You can buy many different shapes for chocolates, but for something truly unique, you need your own special design, maybe even many special chocolate mold designs. With ComposiMold-FC (Food Contact) mold making material, (ComposiMold-Chocolate Moldmaking), you are able to make as many unique molds as you want.

The mold making material works by melting. It is melted in the microwave (or double boiler) and solidifies by cooling. When you have made all the chocolate casts that you want with one mold, it can be remelted to make other molds.
Start by making or finding the object that you want to make as a chocolate mold. This can be a simple rounded shape or a complicated 3-D shape.

Use a vegetable oil as a mold release.

Chocolate into your Molds

Once the chocolate is melted, pour it into your unique chocolate mold using a spoon, stick, or brush to fill the mold. Tap the bottom and sides to get air bubbles out of the chocolate. This will leave little holes in the chocolate if you don’t.
You may like using a squeeze bottle to push the chocolate into small openings and crevices.

Cool the chocolate in the mold by placing in the refrigerator or freezer.

Peel the mold away from the chocolate as much as possible so you do not put a lot of pressure on the chocolate.

Making many parts for more customized chocolate molds

So you have a unique chocolate mold design that you like and you want to make hundreds of chocolates candies just like it. Doing it one chocolate mold at a time would take quite a while. So there are a couple of ways to make many molds.

The first is to simply take more of your mold making material ( and make duplicates of your original part to make more molds.

The second approach is to make many duplicates of your original using a urethane casting material and then molding them all at once. Be sure to use different ComposiMold for the urethane than you do for the chocolate molds. Wash the urethane castings thoroughly before making your chocolate molds with them.

Chocolate Lollipop Molds

After you make your chocolate molds, add a lollipop stick into the chocolate before it hardens. If necessary, secure the stick in the chocolate mold with a little extra chocolate over the stick.

Enjoy your one of a kind custom chocolate molds and chocolate candies

Chocolate Castings made with ComposiMold-FC

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