Sunday, November 21, 2010

ComposiMold Figurines Molded with ComposiCast Urethane Casting Material

Tiny rabbits. Nice and simple mold and casting. This was a simple little rabbit placed into a small cup. The melted ComposiMold was poured over top and allowed to solidify. Because it was a small mold, it took about an hour to cool. The mold was sprayed with a mold release and the ComposiCast urethane resin was poured into the cavity. Ten minutes later the first rabbit was removed.

This little guy was a character from my youth. He is about an inch tall. The process for making him was basically the same as the rabbit. The mold was with ComposiMold and the urethane was ComposiCast.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. Sorry I missed this comment! I don't know! We buy random things at consignment stores, yard sales, and anywhere else. Send me an email to if you are still interested with your address. I'm sure we have a cast of one around somewhere. I'll try to find one and mail it to you. We've made enough castings over time!


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