Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ice Sculptures-Here's Some Cool Casting

Thank you to B for reminding me about this great casting material-cheap, easy, and fun. That's a nice combination. The important thing to remember when making ice in ComposiMold mold is to Freeze the ComposiMold first. By freezing the mold, you get much better edges and improved detail.

To make, make the molds how you normally would: melt the ComposiMold, pour over your original Master and then freeze the mold. Take out your Master and pour in water.

I have heard the theory that warm water is supposed to freeze faster than cold water because the warm water has more air trapped in it so more surface area. Is this true?  Does anyone have the patients to test this?

Two casting materials that are as reuasable as the ComposiMold mold making are chocolate and Ice. Any others?

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