Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to keep your molded parts from floating

So you place your part in a container and pour your mold making material over your part. Everything looks good as you let the ComposiMold cool. You turn your head for a moment and when you look back, your part is floating to the surface. Not a big concern with ComposiMold because you can push it back down or if it solidifies, then you can just remelt it and try it again. You loose a bit of time, but that is all. Good thing you're using ComposiMold because with other mold making materials that might be a bit more tragic-and costly mistake since the mold is set-forever.

Sometimes your part you are molding with your rubber mold making material may float if you are using hollow or lightweight parts that you are trying to mold. How can you mold these samples?

The best method is to nail the part down, but this is not always an option if you do not want to put a hole in your part. It also may not be possible if you are trying to mold a non-flat bottomed object.

Other ways include:
Pressing polymer clay on to the bottom of your part and then pressing the clay on to the bottom of your mold box (or container).

Pour in only some of the ComposiMold and let that solidify before pouring more ComposiMold over the part. The solidified ComposiMold can help keep the rest of the part in place.

Sometimes double sided tape or tape folded over on its self will provide enough of a grip to keep your part down depending on the density of your part.

Flip your part over and push or hold it into the ComposiMold. This can be done with just the weight of the part or some type of holder can be used.

Hold your part down using a wire.

And the final way, although I do not recommend this, is to hold your part down with a screwdriver until the ComposiMold solidifies.

Thanks and enjoy.

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