Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I’m a composite novice, but a chocolate master! - Michelle

This is my first attempt at creating a cast out of chocolate. (If I don’t eat all the chocolate wafers before I finish my project it will be a miracle!)

With wedding season swiftly approaching, I was thinking about interesting ways to spice up a dessert course. And what would be more interesting than an edible dessert dish made out of chocolate? Nothing.

Attempt #1: I chose a thin porcelain saucer shaped dish to mold first. It proved to be the kind of shape that may take a two-part mold instead of one large pour. It was nearly impossible to get the master (saucer shaped dish) out of the mold. During the chocolate pour it was difficult to know if my chocolate was actually filling the cavity due to the very thin rim of the master saucer. I also got a little impatient during the chocolate cooling process and when I was de-molding my chocolate cast broke into pieces. This may have been because the master was too thin for a chocolate cast to hold up to the de-molding process.

Attempt #2: I purchased two more potential masters for my edible dish at Goodwill and was back to the drawing board. This new master was thicker and I assumed easier to remove from the mold. However…it was too big for my mold-box (the Tupperware I used to pour my mold into). This meant that the mold was too thin at the edges and tore easily. I also rushed the mold cooling process and it was gummy and warm in the middle. You guessed it…back to the drawing board.

Attempt #3: My third master is thick enough to make a strong chocolate cast, small enough to fit into my mold-box with plenty of room around the edges, and easily removable. I put a little clay on the bottom of the master to hold it in place and poured my ComposiMold. I patiently let it cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours and then carefully removed the master. Luckily I used enough mold-release and it separated fairly easily.

I “poured” the melted chocolate into the mold by pushing it in with a wooden spatula, banging the bottom of the mold on the table and spreading the mold apart to allow the chocolate to “fall” all the way in.

The chocolate cooled in the fridge overnight and de-molded with a little finesse. I did make a careful slice down the side of the mold and “opened” the mold to release the chocolate cast. I'll just have to tape that cut to create my next edible dish! (I ate the first one already.)


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  1. I think I would rather be a chocolate master myself! It looks amazing.


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