Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patrick's Day Needs Green Chocolates

It is nice to make a product that my daughter loves to use. Whenever she has the chance (or excuse) she wants to make a chocolate casting with ComposiMold. She loves to make unique treats for her friends and class. She also loves to eat the chocolate! Last night it was for St. Patrick's day to bring in chocolates into her classroom.

So we went to the store to pick out clover shapes. We found some coins and a button. She put some clay on the back of the coins to keep them from floating and placed them in a pan. She also sprayed the pan with cooking spray (PAM).

The ComposiMold-FC was melted (by an adult!) in the microwave and poured onto the shapes. We set them in the refrigerator until they solidified. My daughter pulled the coins out and I melted the chocolates in the microwave.

Of course, we had to use green chocolates!

When finished, the ComposiMold-FC is remelted for the next shapes.

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