Thursday, May 10, 2012

Use ComposiMold to Replace a Lost Earring

The earrings I worked with in this project are my all time favorites! I bought them at the Ogunquit (Maine) Trading Post about 15 years ago for $.99. Quite a steal, seeing as though they get more attention than any other piece of jewelry I own.

The scary part about loving something so much is the thought of losing it one day. So I am working on perfecting a mold of my precious earrings.

I decided to hang the earring in this cup allowing the melted ComposiMold to form around BOTH sides of the earring. 

I carefully sliced down the side of the mold to release my master.

I applied talcum powder as my mold release and used ComposiCast, which is our Urethane Resin, as my casting material.

I taped the mold back together, laid it on its side, and patiently waited about 20 minutes until the ComposiCast was set.

I painted my cast with black acrylic paint first. Then, with my finger, I applied a coat of metallic silver acrylic paint. I was careful not to get the silver paint down into the grooves where I wanted to preserve the black. Lastly I sprayed my cast with a clear acrylic coating to add shine and set the paint.

You know that saying, “If you love something, set it free”? Well it doesn’t have to apply here when you can create backup favorites with ComposiMold and ComposiCast! 


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