Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY-ers are my kind of people.

How often do you walk down the aisles of these stores, look at their inventory, and think, “I could make that!”

My dad says it all the time. He basically made it impossible for me to buy anything that was even slightly within my creative capability. He can make anything and lives at Lowe’s.

Tonight I chose Aubuchon. I had to pick up some bolts to cast into the dresser drawer knobs that I’m recreating for a piece of furniture I’ve had since junior high. It could use a little life breathed into it and I’m not paying retail for knobs that I can make at home!

I prepped my masters and mold box with a mold release.

 I poured my melted ComposiMold. 
(note: you can see the large chunk of ComposiMold that
 I left unmelted. It's okay to only melt the portion you'll need.)

I let my mold harden in the fridge for 1/2 hour.

I flipped it over and cut the mold so I could easily de-mold my masters. 
(You can see the clay I used to fasten them down.)

I poured the ComposiMold plaster into my mold.

 I came up with these crafty kick-stands to hold the bolts 
in place while the ComposiMold Plaster hardened overnight.

I chose to remake my masters in plaster so I can paint them with acrylic and then spray them with a gloss sealant. I'll do this artsy part once I've casted all 12 of the new knobs. 

All you need is a few ComposiMold products and you'll never shop the same again! You won't be able to ignore the voice in your head saying, "I could make that!" And you can!


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