Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cool Tool Crayons

I have this little fear that my boy won't want to play with me in the studio when he grows up. I don't know why I fear he won't be cool like me and want to color pictures and glue stuff together. I guess it's because I fear that his dad will entice him with sharper and more powerful tools and they'll retire to the basement to play without me. This fear inspired my latest ComposiMold project. I stole a few tools and fasteners from my husband's tool bench, sacrificed my full box of crayons, and melted some ComposiMold!

Remember that clay works great to securely fasten your masters down. 
Also keep in mind that the shape of the clay coming through 
the negative space will become part of your mold, 
so be more intentional than I was on the wrench. 
(You'll see below that I carved it out after the cast was made.)

Here's a shot of the melted ComposiMold.
(Redundant but I'm trying to get the best "melty" shots with one hand.)

 Keep your inspiration near. Casts always come out better!

  • I melted a few different shades of green in a glass jar in the microwave. (I finally have a use for all those empty jars I clean and save.) 
  • It took about 3 intervals of 45 seconds with stirring in between. I needed more heat than I thought I would. (Every microwave will be slightly different, of course.)
  • Always put your ComposiMold mold in the freezer for about 1/2 hour before pouring any heated casting material. This ensures that it doesn't melt your mold.
  • I also coated the mold with plenty of mold release before I poured the wax.  
  • Be sure to reapply mold release before each new cast is made.

I carved out the opening in the wrench that I had blocked with clay earlier 
and easily cleaned up the edges with an exacto knife. 

I'm always impressed with the amount of detail I can achieve with ComposiMold!

I think my tools are cool too, don't you? (I CAN'T STOP THE RHYMES!!!!)


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