Friday, June 1, 2012

Filter Debris Out of Your ComposiMold

Never fear! This stuff really is reuseable! 

There have been many times when I have needed to attempt a particular mold a second time.  

You learn from each pour of the ComposiMold. I've learned that sometimes you need to secure your master down better. I've learned that glass jars make poor mold boxes. I've learned that you can't rush the cooling of the mold before pouring hot wax casts. And I've also learned that slowing down and fully preparing your mold before each casting is a very important step. 

In fact applying the proper amount of Mold Release and Bubble Buster is a vital step!

The video below shows a mold with poly resin stuck to it like glue. It's a perfect example of rushing the process and not applying these solutions before pouring my casting material. In the video I demonstrate how to filter this debris out of your ComposiMold so you can....try again!

Filtering your ComposiMold is an important skill for all mold makers. Casting materials often leave debris behind. And for those of us who might rush the process from time to time...I'd suggest bookmarking this page.


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