Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Tis the Season for Garden Sculpture-Cute Concrete Puppy Casting with ComposiMold

She's cute, but not so cuddly. This 15 pound puppy will look wonderful on any doorstep or garden. Here is a video showing a simple process for duplicating a puppy dog garden sculpture.

How to make large concrete castings with ComposiMold, a reusable mold making material for creating what you want. Concrete is an excellent casting material because of its good strength and ability to be handle the outdoors. It is also extremely inexpensive. This concrete dog used approximately $2 worth of concrete.

And with ComposiMold, you do not need to purchase new mold making material to make a new unique mold so after you first purchase, you do not need to buy any more mold making materials. 
The original dog master was hollow and would float in the ComposiMold. To stop this from occurring, we drilled a hole and poured in sand. This  sand weighed  down the dog master and helped hold the dog down as the ComposiMold was poured over the top. But first Bubble Buster is sprayed over the master to reduce bubble formation.

Approximately 40 pounds of ComposiMold was used for this mold.  It was melted in a double boiler.
A plastic trash bag was used as a liner in a 5 gallon bucket. This 5 gallon bucket is the same bucket that the 25 pounds of ComposiMold comes in. The plastic bag allows the mold to slide right out without sticking to the bucket.

After the mold is poured, let the ComposiMold cool to solidify.

The mold was sliced down one side to enable the dog master to be pulled free. To cast, this slice was taped up with packaging tape. Mold release is sprayed into the mold cavity.
Mix the Concrete as described on the package and pour/scoop it into the ComposiMold dog mold.
Pound and shake the mold to fill in all the voids and to get the concrete to settle.

After the mold is filled, wait for the concrete to solidify. Wait at least a day. Two is better.

When cured, pull away the tape that was holding the mold halves together, split the mold and remove your new dog casting.

This concrete dog is approximately 1.5 feet tall. The concrete used was regular Quickcrete found at the local hardware store. The mold and the casting weighed 55 pounds. This mold is actually the second mold of this dog. In the first mold, the plastic bag formed against the dog master and this made a part where we did not want one. The ComposiMold was easily remelted in a couple of hours and a new mold was made overnight.

Carefully pull the ComposiMold away from the casting. After you have removed the casting, let the concrete dog cure over several more days to weeks. This will give the concrete time to become stronger.

Admire, enjoy. And when you are finished, make a new unique mold by remelting the ComposiMold. What will you make first?
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