Thursday, June 14, 2012

Costume Designer/Doll Maker Uses ComposiMold

 Chloe wrote to us about our product and also sent these great shots of some of her creations. What’s so telling about her testimonial is that she had been working with the same batch of ComposiMold for over 2 years! And she really used it!

“…for my old batch from 2-3 years ago... oh yes! It's WONDERFUL! I've used it AT LEAST 100 times or more! I'm a costume maker/doll maker and often need to create 'duplicate' armor pieces or figures or gems, etc, so it was incredibly useful and it's still working!”

We are always curious to learn about the life of one small container of ComposiMold…how it it died…

“I unfortunately just lost about 1/3 of it when the cup I had it in, must've gotten a hole in it, because I left it hot, melted…and came back to find it leaking all over my table! Unfortunately, I had cardboard down, so it seeped into the corrugated fibers and I could save only 2/3 of it.”

(This is one reason you might repurchase a reusable product.)

“So, I needed a new batch, as it is so wonderful and flexible on almost ANYthing! I've made ornaments, figurines, doll parts, costume accessories, crescent moon shaped 'gems' and more!”

 “It was old and very dirty, but still worked like a charm!”

 “And here are a few more photos--- the 1/6 model I mentioned, that I made using ComposiMold and another 2" figurine as well. “

“Then, I molded a tiny top hat for a 6" sized doll using ComposiMold (Did that several times!)”

“…and then there was the magnet set! I was missing 2 characters, so I used ComposiMold to make them! I took the one with red/rust hair and glasses, and replicated him using the ComposiMold! From there, I tweaked their hair…and then painted in the correct colors/style. It was so easy to do---and all due to the efficiency and flexibility of use of your ComposiMold!!! It's honestly one of my favorite products, if not THE favorite, that I use to make my doll and figure and costume pieces!!!!” 

“Thanks again SO VERY MUCH! God bless you! ~Chloe”

Thanks Chloe for sharing with the ComposiMold community just how reusable our product really is! ~Michelle

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