Thursday, June 21, 2012

ComposiMold for the 2-Dimensional Artist

ComposiMold can be used by the 2-Dimensional Artist As Well as the 3-Dimensional Artist!

Are you a mixed media, collage, scrapbook, or trading card artist? Have you ever been reluctant to sacrifice a rare or valuable object for an art project?

With ComposiMold, you can duplicate any object and cast it in a variety of materials to make it look like the original without harming your family heirlooms or giving up coins from your collection. 

In the example above: I used ComposiMold LT to pour my mold of the original silver dollar. I let that cool and solidify. I then poured ComposiCast, our polyurethane resin, into the mold as my casting material. After it hardened I painted the plastic coin silver and attached it to my cardstock. 

So now I'm ahead of the game...I have a finished coin collage AND a whole dollar in my pocket!


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