Monday, August 13, 2012

How to make Stepping Stones

Making Concrete Stepping Stones with ComposiMold is similar to making most molds and casting with ComposiMold. The process starts by making a mold from your original casting. In these examples, we show you a butterfly stepping stone and also a dragonfly stepping stone. We made the dragonfly stepping stone first, then we remelted the ComposiMold and made the butterfly.

The original dragonfly stepping stone was broken so we first held the pieces together with polymer clay before making our mold. We used aluminum foil as our mold box so we could form it right around the stepping stones.

Use a bit of Bubble Buster on the original to reduce bubble formation. Also, vegetable oil as a mold release stopped the aluminum foil from sticking to the ComposiMold. The ComposiMold was melted in the microwave. These molds used about 3 pounds of ComposiMold each.

For the concrete, we used a sand/cement mixture. Keep the concrete as dry as possible for the best strength. We also used a small amount of acrylic fortifier to improve strength for the thin concrete casting.

Vibrate or shake the mold a bit to get the concrete to settle. Spread the concrete into all the crevices. The hardest part is waiting for the concrete to cure. 24 hours minimum before demolding and before you walk on it give it at least a week to fully harden.

After your first casting, wipe your ComposiMold mold with vegetable oil to keep it moist. Clean with a paper towel. You can use a cold water to wash away any extra concrete. Dry the mold as soon as you are finished.

Enjoy your stepping stones! When finished, remelt the ComposiMold and start making your creative garden sculptures!

 Thank you!

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