Friday, August 10, 2012

One of a Kind Picture Frame

In this week's example, I will show you how to make a picture frame using foamcore and ComposiMold. You will also see just how convenient it is that ComposiMold is reusable and inexpensive!

I marked out the width of my frame and carefully cut it with an exacto knife.
Here is the foamcore frame ready to be embellished.

I drew some lines on it to follow with my hot glue gun.

Then I used the hot glue gun to draw on the frame. This will create a 3-dimensional effect.

You can see here from the side that the glue is raised and will create a cool texture.

I prepped my frame with plenty of mold release.

Then I sprayed a layer of Bubble Buster.

Here is shot of the frame with melted ComposiMold poured over it.

Then I removed the foamcore picture frame.

You can see the details from the hotglue drawing in my mold.

I spray mold release again before pouring my plaster cast.

Here is my plaster cast hardening.

 THEN...As I de-molded my plaster picture frame it cracked into many pieces. This was due to two reasons. One was the fact that the foamcore picture frame I had made was too thin and fragile. The second reason was that when I mixed my plaster it was too watery and there wasn't enough plaster to hold it strong. In the photos below you will see my second attempt.

This is the second cast made from a 2 layer thick foamcore picture frame.

The mold and cast on the left are my first (brittle) attempt and the mold and cast on the right are my second (solid) attempt.

This is the final product that I painted and then put a layer of gloss over to give it the look of glazed ceramic.

Keep in mind that like most art making processes, there will be some trial and error. With ComposiMold you can easily go back to the drawing board without wasting any product or money.

Happy Mold Making~Michelle

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