Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saying Thank you, with Chocolate

The ability to remelt your molds gives you some amazing design capabilities as a chocolatier looking for something unique and creative. Here we show a simple photo montage of chocolate bars being made with individualized names.

 It starts with ComposiMold that you melt in your microwave or double boiler and pour over your customized chocolate bar shape.

We used an EasyCut relief printing block to prepare the master. However, the orange is a non-toxic clay that we pressed into an open space. In this clay we could change the names by flattening the clay and stamping a new name in its place.

When you are thanking people with chocolate, you must give one to your moms and dads in your life as shown here.

After you have your ComposiMold mold, the process is pretty straight forward. Pour the chocolate into your mold, make sure the mold is filled and air pockets removed, let the chocolate solidify, and peel the ComposiMold away from the fragile chocolate.

 Then remelt the ComposiMold and repeat the process to make another name. The process can be done very quickly if you cool the ComposiMold in the freezer to cool faster.

 Each person we are trying to thank has a unique chocolate bar with their name on it: Shawn, 2 Mom’s, Michelle wanted dark chocolate, dad likes white chocolate, and Olympia wanted a combination of dark and pink.

 Please ask if you have questions and leave any comments that you may have.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments on Custom Chocolates! What will you make?

Thank you!
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