Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes it’s best to be Pushy! Using ComposiMold as a Push Mold

Push molds are a simple and effective way of making 3-D objects super fast and easy. For example, buttons can be pushed into a mold in seconds flat using most types of polymer clays or doughy casting materials. This video demonstrates the process of making a bull’s skull using a ComposiMold mold and Delight PaperClay.

Completed Push Mold. Original is on the left. The casting on the right was painted using Acrylic paints
If you use the stiffer Sculpey or FIMO type clays, we recommend using the PowerMold Mold Making Material as it has more stiffness.

Enjoy! And please ask questions or give comments! We’d love to know your thoughts and ideas!

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