Friday, July 27, 2012

ComposiMold Toolkit

All you really need is a container of ComposiMold, however there are a few other tools to add to your kit that will make mold-making with ComposiMold easy and fun!

Here is what litters the work stations in my studio:
  • An Ove-Glove (or potholder) for handling the hot container of melted ComposiMold
  •  Popsicle sticks for stirring
  • Bubble Buster, by ComposiMold to reduce bubble formation on your molds
  • Hot Glue gun/glue sticks (or clay) for fastening my original part to the bottom of my mold box
  • Flexible Cups and Tupperware to be used as mold boxes
  • Disposable gloves for mixing ComposiCast (it can be irritating on your skin)
  • Paper plates to contain messes
  • Mold release (by ComposiMold or even cooking oil spray)
  • Plastic funnel and filter for cleaning debris out of my ComposiMold
  • Casting materials such as plaster, chocolate, wax, ComposiCast Urethane Resin, and soap
  • Utility knife and sharp blades for slicing molds open
  • Tape for taping your mold back together
  • Beaker for mixing/measuring casting material
  • A microwave or double boiler to melt the ComposiMold
(all of the items in red can be purchased on our website at

You probably have many of these items in your home already. Even if you don't, just start experimenting with ComposiMold and build your toolkit as you go. 
Happy Mold-Making! ~Michelle 

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