Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cake Kakoots in Port Barre, Louisiana Uses ComposiMold

We love sharing our customers' unique creations with you. In the photographs below you'll see how a nurse-gone-cake-maker uses ComposiMold-FC (food contact) to create molds of a variety of objects to decorate her realistic cakes. We were quite impressed with her work and happy to hear that ComposiMold saves her money and kitchen space!

Here's what Cake Kakoots had to say about her new business and how ComposiMold works for her:

"I'm Cake Kakoots from Port Barre, Louisiana. I started doing cakes one year ago. I have become pretty busy. I quit my nursing job to start this lil' business. I hope it takes off soon! Thanks to y'alls reusable mold material I save a ton of money. I wouldn't be able to make all the different molds out of silicone; it would be too expensive and take up too much space when not in use." ~ CK

Thanks Cake Kakoots! Best of luck to you and your new business! ~Michelle

You can find some information about Cake Kakoots at or by phone at #(337)-592-3520!

All the medals on this cake were made using ComposiMold-FC and chocolate.
This baby was made using ComposiMold-FC and chocolate.
All of the little animals on this cake were made using ComposiMold-FC and chocolate.
The ducky, sailboat, and baby figure on this cake are made using ComposiMold-FC and chocolate.

Cake Kakoots makes all kinds of molds with ComposiMold-FC and chocolate.


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