Thursday, September 13, 2012

Duplicate Beads That You Can't Buy Anymore

Holiday Ornaments I made and gifted to my family a few years ago.
 I am often paralyzed by my dwindling bead collection. I'm afraid to use up the last three of one of my favorites out of fear I won't be able to find them again on ebay.

A project that I have been meaning to complete (and start actually) was the creation of 30 or so Holiday Ornaments, like the ones above, to sell at a craft fair. However, one of the main components to the ornament is this peace sign bead that I only have THREE LEFT of! I haven't been able to find them to restock.

This is the exact reason I am always telling people to have ComposiMold on-hand. A need always arises for the artsy, crafter, "make it yourself" types.

I created a mold using ComposiMold and the last three peace sign beads so I can cast the 27 more I need for this project. Brilliant!

Happy Mold Making! Michelle

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