Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fishing for Eco-friendly Fish Bait That You Make Yourself

Eco-Friendly Fishing Lure and the Mold Used to Make It
Here’s an eco-friendly fishing lure made with ComposiMold in a ComposiMold mold. This example shows the process for making a worm, but we also did this to make minnow casts. We will show those in a later blog.

The idea of using ComposiMold as the fishing lure came from Tim at Jack Traps, so thank you!
You can add special ingredients: corn meal, peanut butter, or liquid smells to make a really unique fishing lure. The ComposiMold slowly dissolves in the water releasing the scent and enticing the fish.  The color of the ComposiMold can also be changed by the addition of food coloring.  

The process for making eco-friendly fishing lures:

Start by molding your shape. We used a typical non-biodegradable worm as the master. We put a needle through it to keep it straight. We also hung in down into the mold box.  Aluminum foil works well as the mold box.
Mold box used for making the fishing lure-aluminum foil
Use a touch of bubble buster to reduce any bubble formation. The bubble buster also works well enough to keep the aluminum foil from sticking to the ComposiMold.

Melt the ComposiMold and pour it around the fishing lure and into the mold box.
Stick it in the freezer to cool fast. We also needed it cold so we could pour the ComposiMold into the mold.

After the part is solidified, we cut down the sides of the mold to remove the original master worm.
Spray a touch of vegetable oil in the mold to make a thin coating for better removal.

Freeze the mold until it is cold.
Melt more ComposiMold. Add any special ingredients into the mixture. We melted the ComposiMold in a small squeeze bottle to make it easier to pour into the ComposiMold mold.

Let the ComposiMold get a little cooler, but still a liquid before pouring into the mold. It should have viscosity similar to honey.
Pour it into the mold.

In about 5 minutes, you can remove it from the mold and have a cool eco-friendly fishing lure.
Scott Martin would be proud. Of course, he probably doesn’t leave a lot of lures in the water.

Thank you!

For More Information visit: www.ComposiMold.com

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