Friday, October 12, 2012

ComposiMold for Holiday Ornaments!

  I used an old ornament and a bead that I duplicated from another project and created a unique ornament for our holiday decor this season!

The peace bead is a cast I made with ComposiCast from another project. I glued it to this old ornament.

I fastened it to a ruler so it could hang down into my mold-box.

After I sprayed Mold Release into my mold-box, I poured the melted ComposiMold. Then I let it solidify.

Here is my mold once I squeezed it out of my mold-box.

I sliced it down the sides of the ornament to take it out. This took me 5-10 minutes. Don't rush this process.

After I poured my ComposiCast I taped the mold back together and propped it on it's side to cure.

Here is my final ornament with the Peace Sign! 

 Happy mold-making making! ~Michelle
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