Thursday, October 25, 2012

ComposiMold-FC First Timer Falls in Love

We always love sharing first timer's experiences with our blog followers. It's educational to read about someone else's trials, errors, and impressive final results. In the following post you will learn how one teacher taught herself to use ComposiMold-Food Contact and now has ComposiMold fever!  

 "Let me start by saying I teach; that's my forte, teaching.  I work with seventh and eighth graders on language arts and social studies. I am no baker.

Baking a cake means opening a Betty Crocker box, adding 3 ingredients, and BAM!  (I do manage a pretty good buttercream frosting on my own however.)  This is the background needed for you to understand my reluctance to try molding unique chocolates with ComposiMold. I procrastinated for a week before I plugged in my country music and pulled out the molding materials.

There were a few trial and error attempts.  First, I did not know that I had to attach the item I wanted to mold to the bottom of my container.  My pumpkin floated to the top as I poured ComposiMold over it.  Lesson learned!  Secondly, and in retrospect an obvious blunder on my part, wood items such as the wooden anchor I used, requires a food safe mold release. Wood is very porous and it took some elbow grease to get it out of my mold.  My anchor came out well without using the coating, but I would apply it in the future.  My only other admission is that I was prone to lapping the chocolate from the spoon once I filled the molds. 

So to my amazement, the entire process is simple and, even better, therapeutic and relaxing.  I totally enjoyed the experience.  Granted I am no artist nor cake decorator nor professional molder.  Yet my results were adequately impressive for having never tried it before.  I created some neat chocolate creations that I put on cakes over the course of the week.  Yes, my peers at school love me—cakes all week in the staff room.

A decision has already been made that everyone I know will be receiving unique chocolates from me for the holidays.  I am thinking of molding soap as well.  ComposiMold has created a monster!  I now go into stores and find myself thinking, “ah, that would be a great item to mold and use on a cake!" My advice to any folks reluctant to try ComposiMold: try it, you'll really enjoy it.”  What is even better is that the molding material is reusable time and time again.  ~Bobbi"

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