Thursday, November 8, 2012

Duplicating Train Cars with ComposiMold

I got this great 3-D printed train car from and was really excited to play around with making a mold of it to see just how much of the fine detail ComposiMold could pick up.

I sprayed our Bubble Buster over the top of my mold release to decrease the amount of bubble formation in the mold. This is a very important step, especially when you're end goal is fine detail. Remember: Only use Bubble Buster before making your mold. Do not use Bubble Buster before you pour your casting material.

Below are a few photos of the process of duplicating this tiny train car.

I filled the inside of the train with clay car to give it some weight.

Then I pressed it to the bottom of my mold-box and poured the melted ComposiMold.

The green train car in the front is the duplicate I made of the 3-D printed train behind it.

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