Thursday, November 15, 2012

ComposiMold; An Earth Friendly Art Supply

The leaf on the left is a cast made in a ComposiMold.

ComposiMold is not only an awesome tool for any artist, but it's both biodegradable AND reusable! 

Typical mold making materials are often environmentally un-friendly; filled with toxic chemicals for both the user and the environment, made as a one-time-use product, and certainly not compostable like this innovative and responsible product. ComposiMold is made of 100% natural ingredients and will biodegrade in an aqueous environment. This is in addition to it being a competent mold making product which picks up fine detail, is compatible with dozens of casting materials, and requires no weighing or mixing.

As a culture we’ve grown quite used to using products one time and discarding them. ComposiMold gives the artist and craftsman the ability to mold and re-mold over 40 times with one container. This frees the mold maker to experiment, make mistakes, and to ultimately create quality molds and casts of almost anything. ComposiMold enables this freedom for the art making process while taking responsibility of its environmental impact.
All sorts of natural objects can be duplicated with ComposiMold.

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