Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot Casting Materials May Not Be Such a Limitation

In the following demonstration you will be surprised to learn that you can even use hot glue as a casting material!

One of our team members made the discovery that even hot glue straight out of the gun worked as a pretty cool casting material. When I first heard this I was shocked. I've burnt my fingers on hot glue enough times to know that it's HOT! I thought for sure it would ruin my ComposiMold by melting it. I was convinced that it would be impossible to pick up any fine detail because of this incompatibility. 

However I kept in mind a valuable ComposiMold mold-making tip: When pouring hot casting material, cool your ComposiMold mold in the freezer first. I did this with all three molds I was working with (for about 2 hours) and had absolutely no melting issues when I pulled the glue gun trigger!

Check out the photos below to see just how well hot glue works as a casting material in a ComposiMold!

I chose little glass viles to make molds of.

I always cool my molds in the refrigerator (because I'm impatient).

Here are the three molds after my hot glue gun pour.

This is a photo of the largest mold with the hot glue cooling inside.

I am really happy with the results of the experiment.

As long as you pour quickly and in as few sessions as possible you can get a fairly solid cast.

Check out the grooves from the cap of the vile captured in the hot glue cast!

Happy Mold Making and Happy Thanksgiving! ~Michelle

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