Friday, December 7, 2012

Filter Debris Out of Your ComposiMold

This week's blog post has been written to remind you that you can really extend the life of a container of ComposiMold by keeping it clean. If you are working with casting materials that leave pieces and particles behind, you will need this information!

You can easily filter your ComposiMold of any debris. Just follow the instructions below or simply watch the video and learn this simple trick to making your ComposiMold last!
  • Place a filter into the funnel.
  • Hold the funnel above a heat-safe container.
  • Melt the ComposiMold as you would before pouring a mold. 
  • Pour the ComposiMold through the filter and into a second container.
Also, for your convenience our Starter Kit includes a funnel and two filters. You can also purchase these accessories separately through our online store at www.compositherm.com

Happy Mold-Making! ~Michelle 

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