Saturday, December 15, 2012

Make Your Own Chocolate Casts of Childrens Toys

This time of year really challenges my inner gift-giver. For a couple weeks in November I am struck with this fear that there's absolutely no way I could possibly top the gifts I found or made for my people last year. Never fear though, by early December I am fully inspired and ready for round 2!

This year, with ComposiMold in my pocket, I am making solid chocolate casts of my son's wooden toy collection. They'll be perfect cupcake toppers, cake decorations, and perfectly suitable as a candy right out of the tin. You'll see in this demonstration that I made a ComposiMold of a  kangaroo, a gator, and a dear. These three will live happily together in their little Holiday tin until Christmas morning...unless my husband finds them first!

These guys are secured to the bottom of my mold bow with small balls of clay.

What kind of objects are laying on your living room floor that would make great molds?

Be sure to cool your mold in the refrigerator before you pour hot chocolate into it AND after to cool the casts quicker.

Here they are ready to be presented to one lucky family member!

  Happy Mold-Making! Michelle

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