Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cast Chocolate and then Soap in the Same Mold

There are few mold making supplies as versatile as ComposiMold. We are always touting it's reusability as it's most beneficial feature. However when you consider that ComposiMold can handle such a range of casting materials from concrete to fondant, you'll be convinced that it's the only mold making tool you'll need in your supply closet!

This week I will demonstrate that in the very same mold I can cast chocolates, wipe away any sweet debris, and then cast glycerin soaps from the same mold! (Note: you would not want to cast these two materials in the opposite order...remember, chocolate first! And as soon as I cast a non food item in my ComposiMold-FC it can only be used for casting non-food items in the future.)

I wiped the excess chocolate debris off my mold with a wet paper towel. Be sure to dry it right away because ComposiMold biodegrades in water.

I used food coloring and essential oils in my white glycerin soap.

Yellow and red make orange!

However all the colors makes some kind of purple...

Here are the soaps de-molded next to the original parts.

As you can see here, this one mold was used to cast both chocolate shapes and soap shapes. Thanks to ComposiMold's versatility I can do that!

What kid wouldn't want to take a tub with these soaps shaped like their play toys?
Remember, this was just a demonstration of how versatile ComposiMold is. Be careful not to use edible casting materials AFTER you use a non food items as casting materials. Keep your ComposiMold-FC and ComposiMold-LT seperate.

Happy Mold-Making! Michelle

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